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  • L6 HEAD ver.RISING

    ¥1,000,000 JPY plus tax

    Reproduction of the cylinder head mounted on Rising's S30Z, which holds the record for the fastest L-type engine in drag racing. In addition to reproducing the port combustion chamber by 5-axis CNC machining, the water jacket shape has been modified to secure the port wall thickness margin for this special edition product.



    ¥600,000 JPY plus tax

    This tuned cylinder head for air-cooled Z has significantly improved all basic performance.
    ALL MADE IN JAPAN from design to casting to final processing.


  • L6 HEAD ver.JP

    Starting from ¥700,000 JPY plus tax

    L6 HEAD ver.JP is based on the genuine L28 head, and by considering problems such as penetrating the water jacket when expanding the port from the design stage, it has a sufficient wall thickness margin even for a maximum port inner diameter of 41mm. It is guaranteed and can be used with confidence for further



    ¥130,000 JPY plus tax

    This is a high-precision cam holder that has improved accuracy in all aspects including casting, machining, and inspection standards compared to the original products at the time. The newly designed relief machining for the interference part of the valve spring embodies the feedback from tuned engine builders.
    The beautiful appearance achieved through high-precision coaxial machining using the latest CNC for each set can be said to be functional beauty resulting from high machining accuracy and casting quality. Can be used with all PZ L6 HEAD series, but can also be used with genuine heads such as N42.


    ¥130,000 JPY plus tax

    Headcover exclusively for HF Z HEAD (square design)
    Cam nose clearance processed.